Andy Green - Diesel Engine Land Speed Record

The JCB Dieselmax 1500hp diesel-engine 'Streamliner' car, was designed for the purpose of breaking the land speed record for a diesel-engine vehicle. The chassis was designed and built by Coventry-based engineering company Visioneering, with engine and gearbox development by Ricardo Consulting Engineers. During the 2006 Bonneville Speed Week and subsequent FIA record runs, the car was driven by Wing Commander Andy Green, a serving RAF Officer who previously broke the absolute land speed record in the Thrust SSC.

JCB Dieselmax at the British International Motor Show, before departure to the Salt Flats, July 2006

The JCB Dieselmax began shakedown testing on July 20th 2006 on the runway at RAF Wittering, with the team slowly ramping up the speed to prove the chassis and engines, eventually achieving a speed of over 200mph on July 30th. On August 13th, after several days spent re-assembling and re-testing the car at Wendover, the Dieselmax made its first official run on the Bonneville Salt flats as part of Speed Week, eventually attaining an average speed of 317mph to take the SCTA-BNI event record for an 'AA/DS' Diesel Streamliner. ​ On 22nd August 2006, the JCB Dieselmax car broke the official FIA diesel engine land speed record, attaining a speed of 328.767mph (529km/h). 24 hours later, the JCB Dieselmax car broke its own record, achieving a speed of 350.092mph (563.418km/h) on 23rd August 2006. Before the JCB Dieselmax records, the diesel land speed record was 236mph (380km/h), set in August 1973.

To get the Dieselmax going down the track, it was pushed from behind until it reached a speed of 30mph than Andy engaged first gear. In a live interview from Utah on BBC News 24, Andy Green said that the car was not running at its full potential, due to problems finding suitable tires and that the record setting speed was achieved while the car was still in fifth gear (the car has six). The previous diesel engine land speed record was held by Virgil Snyder an American, in the Thermo King streamliner on 25 August 1973.

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