The Earth is Getting Greener

Studies have quite literally shown that the planet is getting greener and this should be considered as a positive climate change event. In spite of technological growth and economic development that is changing the world, the earth is getting greener because of it. The level of carbon dioxide was first studied in greater depth 25 years ago by Charles Keeling and he the amplitude of change was increasing. In the northern summer the level of carbon dioxide went down and in the winter it went up again and this change was growing. Not only was more carbon dioxide showing in the atmosphere every winter, more was going out of the atmosphere every summer.

The Earth is Getting Greener

Earth has been getting greener and this could help moderate global warming

It is understandable that more carbon dioxide would be in the atmosphere in the winter time because of industry, but why was more going out of it every summer.

Every day in the news there are reports about mankind's devastating destruction to major forested areas around the world, so how is it possible for the level of carbon dioxide to be getting lower in the summer time?

The Earth is getting greener with vegetation than it was 20 years ago

The answer is in fact that the planet is actually getting greener with vegetation. We now have the data from a satellite that measure the amount of greenery on earth, and it comes up with what is called the normalized vegetation index which is a measure of how green the land area of the planet is. It is quite clear that the green areas have been increasing in the last 30 years. Since 2000, 20.5% of the world's vegetated area got greener while just 3% got browner, resulting in a net increase of green areas around the world. The greening represents an increase in leaves on plants and trees equivalent in are to two times the size of the United States.

Boston university has studied the findings in great detail and what they have found is that half of the increase of vegetation is due to greater rain fall. As the world is a little bit warmer, we have more evaporation in the atmosphere from the oceans that creates slightly heavier rain fall, resulting in more vegetation growth.

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Carbon dioxide contributes to a greener earth

The other half of the greening on earth comes from carbon dioxide itself. As industrial growth put more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, there is more fuel from vegetation growth. When a plant has more co2 surrounding it in the air it dose not have to open it's pores so much so it dose not lose so much water in absorbing the carbon dioxide that it needs to grow. It is common knowledge that plants grow faster if the is more carbon dioxide in the air. For a 200ppm increase of co2 in the air we get 30% increase in plant growth. Has the burning of fossil fuels made the planet greener?


Studies have shown the connect between greening and carbon storage in plants and increases of carbon sinks on land that is consistent with the idea of a greening earth. In the northern hemisphere, atmospheric co2 peaks in the month of May because of all the decompositions throughout the winter months. This is followed with a burst of photosynthesis that occurs with the return of leaves to trees and plants in spring reducing levels of carbon dioxide

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