Evidence for the Existence of a new Force of Nature.

A international team of scientist working on a project in the United States, say that they have discovered strong evidence for existence of a new force of nature. The researcher say that the subatomic particles called muons, are not behaving in a way predicted by current theories of physics. Scientist say they are on a new era of physics.

theories of modern physics have given scientist a new understanding of how the universe works.
Particle accelerator laboratory

The theories of modern physics have given scientist a new understanding of how the universe works. The current ideas and theories are not able to solve some of the biggest scientific mysteries, such a the universe as we know it came into existence. Now scientist at Fermilab a particle accelerator laboratory, located just outside Batavia, Illinois, have gotten a result that might take a big step forward in answering some of the mysteries of the universe. They beamed accelerating particles close to the speed of light and found the particles might be behaving in a way that can not be explained by the current theory of physics at the subatomic level.

The scientist have discovered the the interaction of a neuron, a heavy electron with a magnetic field, dose not follow the current best theory of physics which potentially points to a new theory of new particles, and new forces in physics which have not been observed to date.

Muons are a similar to electron particles but are much more heavier and spin like tops. In the experiment, scientist made the muons wobble using magnets. The current theory suggest that the muons should wobble at a certain rate, instead the muons wobbled faster. Scientist believe this might be caused by a mystery force that is created by another yet to be discovered particle.

Scientist believe that there are four fundamental forces of nature. One for gravity, one for electricity, and two nuclear forces which control which control the behavior of atoms, together the forces of nature explain the way the universe works. In recent years astronomers have began to notice things in space that can not be explained by the four forces such as galaxies spinning faster than they should. The new result suggest that there might be a new fifth force which could explain some of the mysteries that remain unsolved and has the potential to turn physics on its head.

Evidence for the fifth force has been growing, researchers at the large hadron collider just outside of Geneva, had a similar result. The race is now on to get the proof from experiments, that there really is evidence of a new force but it will take much more data and more measurements to show that the effects are real. These early results are not definitive yet but are generating the prospect of a giant leap forward in our understanding of the universe.