Health Side Effects From Toxic Scented Candles

Toxic Indoor Air Pollution

As lovely as burning candles are they could be hazardous to your health. Candles can have a negative impact on indoor air quality as they emit trace amounts of organic chemicals. However the biggest concern has been with lead wicks, burning lead wicks resulted in increased concentrations of lead in indoor air.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released reports about the dangers of scented candles, citing concerns about their paraffin, synthetic fragrances, lead wicks and contaminated oils. Candle wicks are supposed to be made from cotton or paper in the United States, but studies have shown that over a third contain heavy metals as well.

The last half of the 20 century saw several synthetic and chemically synthesized waxes including gels developed mainly for specialty candles. Two vegetable waxes, soya and palm were developed for commercial use in the late 1990s. Until the 1970s candle-wicks were made with a lead core. In 1974 the US Candle manufacturing industry voluntary agreed to stop production of lead containing candles. Despite this ban lead-wick candles were still on the market in the early 2000’s. Now candle-wicks are generally made of cotton although some wicks have other materials at the core. A thin strand of zinc, or a rigid strand of paper is sometimes used to make the wick stand up better.

Scent candle have a negative impact on indoor air quality
Scented candles can be Harmful to your health

Love scented and aromatherapy candles are toxic.

With the rise in popularity of candles in the past decade, candle-makers have begun scenting candles to overcome horrible smells. The vast majority of these candles are scented with fragrant oils. Most mass-produced scented candles have a negative impact on indoor air even when unlit. These are fragrances created in a laboratory – there is little that is ‘natural’ about them. Candle-makers prefer to use fragrant oils because they are considerably cheaper than essential oils and they are also typically less volatile. You can enjoy the aroma of scented candles without burning them if you use a candle warmer and let them melt. Use candles in glass containers, smaller candles will heat up faster and release the aroma quicker.

Paraffin Candles are hazardous to your health

The vast majority of candles sold are made from paraffin because it is the cheapest wax available. Paraffin costs around one-fiftieth of the price of 100% pure beeswax when bought in bulk. Unless a candle is otherwise labeled, it will be made from paraffin. That said, even candles labeled “beeswax” m