Incredible Health Facts about Sesame Oil

Incredible Health Facts about Sesame Oil


Facts about sesame oil

Sesame oil is one of the healthiest alternatives to normal vegetable oils. Sesame Oil has only one essential nutrient and that is vitamin K. The fat content of sesame oil is almost equal for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated totaling 80% the remaining 20% is mainly saturated fat.


The health benefits of sesame oil include its ability to improve hair and skin health, help in bone growth, reduce blood pressure, maintain good heart health, as well as manage anxiety and depression. It also helps to protect infant health, cure dental problems, prevent cancer, improve the digestive process, and lower inflammation.    


Light sesame oil is pale yellow with a somewhat nutty flavor, and has a high smoke point and is used as a frying oil. Dark oil comes from roasted or toasted sesame seeds, and is used as a flavoring agent. It is added in the final stage of cooking. 


Sesame oil is the least likely among cooking oils with high smoke points, to become rancid when not refrigerated.   


Slow Cooker Chicken:  Prep time 15 min.                     Please check Ingredients for food ALLERGIES

Cooking time 3 hours   Serves 4   



3 chicken breast ,cut into bite size pieces                      

 ¼ cup cornstarch   

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 cup hoisin oil                         

4 tablespoons rice wine vinegar

4 tablespoons brown sugar 2 teaspoons sesame oil                                    


Print or Download this recipe  


Method: Heat vegetable oil in large skillet. In large ziplock bag, put chicken and cornstarch,toss to coat chicken . Saute chicken until golden brown, chicken will not be fully cooked. Put chicken in slow cooker.                                                                            

 In bowl whisk together hoisin sauce, vinegar, sugar and sesame oil. Pour mixture over chicken stir to coat chicken.Cook 4 hours or till chicken is done. If desired serve with chopped green onions, roasted sesame seeds.   


  “Note if you don’t have rice wine vinegar you can use red wine vinegar lightly sweetened”                                                                                               

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