Farmed Salmon - one of the most toxic foods in the world.

Farmed Salmon - one of the most toxic foods in the world.


 The average salmon fish farm around the world can hold approximately 2 million salmon in a relatively small space. These crowded conditions result in rapidly spreading diseases among the stressed salmon. Test have shown that farmed salmon is 5 times more toxic than any other food tested and yet more than half of the fish eaten by Americans comes from fish farms. Fish has long been noted as a super health food as many people have chosen to not eat meat or other animal products. The reality is, because these fish farms operate in open waters, that intensive fish farming has created a disaster for both the environment and human health.





The nutritional difference between farmed salmon and wild salmon can be pretty significant.

Farmed salmon is a lot higher in fat containing more Omega-3, much more Omega-6 fat acids and 3 times the amount of saturated fat. Most people today are eating to much Omega-6 and the balance of these fatty acids is heavily weighed toward Omega-6. Wild salmon contains 5-7 percent fat, and the farmed salmon can contain from 14.5-34 percent. Farmed salmon also contains 46% more calories, mostly generated from the fat. Many more toxins accumulate in the oils and fat of farmed salmon. Wild salmon is higher in protein, and higher in minerals potassium,zinc, and iron.


In 2004, a widely cited study found that the levels of PCBs, a potentially carcinogenic chemical, to be ten times higher in farmed fish than wild fish. The levels in these test track previous studies on farmed salmon contamination by researchers from Canada, Ireland, and the U.K. These studies support the conclusion that American consumers are exposed to elevated levels of PCBS by eating farmed fish. Previous test on Salmon-fish food have consistently found PCB contamination.


Disease and pollution in fish farms.

Salmon farms can hold upwards of 2 million fish a a small confined space. These crowded conditions result in problems like disease and pollution, A common disease is sea lice, a planktonic marine parasite which feeds on many types of and has become a big problem for salmon populations. The more common sea lice " lepeophtheirus salmonis", which is about a centimeter in size, attaches itself to the outside of fish and feeds on its mucous, blood and skin. Like any other commercial farming operations, the high populations of fish in these pens necessitates certain chemicals to keep the fish from getting sick. 



The biggest source of pollution is the accumulation of waste teeming with bacteria, drugs and pesticides and uneaten food that piles up meters high beneath the sea pens which can degrade the quality of the surrounding water. Farm salmon are held in flow through nets and cages which allow fish waste and excess feed to freely pass into marine waters. As most fish farms are located in open water, the pollution from these fish farms is not contained. The chemicals used in marine aquaculture operations such as medicines like antibiotics and vaccines, disinfectants, can also change the composition of the surrounding aquatic ecosystem.


Shockingly, research reveals that the most significant source of toxic exposure is not from the pesticides or the antibiotics, but come from the dry pellet feed! Pollutants found in the fish feed include dioxins, PCBs, and a number of different drugs and chemicals. Dioxins bind to fat, which is why herring, eel, and salmon are particularly vulnerable, and end up accumulating higher amounts than other fish. The evidence available shows that you can't simply dismiss the impact of nutrient pollution from fish farming


Alaskan salmon is not allowed to be farmed, and therefore is always a wild-caught fish. One of America favorite food for cooking at home is real, healthy, Delicious wild caught salmon, fresh, from the most pristine waters of Alaska. In Alaska sustainable seafood ins't just a way of life, its the law. 100% natural, no chemicals, no dyes, no antibiotics. Alaskan salmon are indisputably one of the last truly wild, naturally organic foods on earth. Wild salmon and other seafood are also the very best sources of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, the Ultimate Brain Food.





Pure Alaska Omega-3 Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil 1000mg Softgels


95% of Americans don't eat enough fish, which means they are not getting enough EPA and DHA Omega-3s without supplementation. Oily fish, like salmon or Pollock, are good sources of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic (DHA) Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil supplementation and regular consumption of oily fish are two ways to ensure adequate intake of EPA and DHA fatty acids, as the human body cannot make these vital fats.

Not all fish oils are created equal. The type and quality of fish, where it comes from, how the oil is extracted and its final form are all important factors to maximize the delivery of nutrients necessary to supplement a healthy diet.
* Two Pure Alaska Omega Wild Salmon Oil softgels deliver 600mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids
* One serving per day is equivalent to two portions of cooked salmon per week
* Made in the USA using wild caught salmon from the cold clean waters of the North Pacific
* Proprietary low temperature extraction method
* A balanced fish oil that delivers all omega fatty acids in natural triglyceride (nTG) form

Consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids supports healthy cognitive function, normal visual development, normal brain development, heart health, healthy triglyceride levels, and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Eating oily fish is the best way to get your Omega-3s (including EPA and DHA). The next best way is to take Pure Alaska Omega Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil!


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The nutritional difference between farmed salmon and wild salmon can be pretty significant. Pollutants found in the fish feed include dioxin...

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