Best coffee in America, KONA Coffee

Best coffee in America: Grown on mineral rich volcanic soil of Hawaii


Coffee is full of Antioxidants  

Chemicals, you get from food, drink, sunlight and your body internal processes (free-radicals) need to be controlled. Antioxidants needed for this can be found in coffee and tea. while coffee contains more antioxidants than tea it also contains more caffeine. Drinking more cups tea per day gives you more antioxidant benefits than drinking to much coffee. Generally only people with heart disease, or pregnant women are warned to stay away from coffee. Coffee may also reduce liver disease by 40%, reported by the Royal Society of medicine in London, England.


Hawaiian Kona Coffee

What most people do not realize is that every major Hawaiian island has a coffee growing region. The region where coffee grows affects flavor, body and aroma. Sun, rain and soil all shape the character of coffee. The Kona region is one of the most ideal coffee growing areas in the world. Hawaii state law protects Hawaiian coffees from being misrepresented as some corporations and individuals have capitalized by taking the Kona name and using it to sell coffee that isn't Kona Coffee. Only coffee from the Kona Districts can be labeled and marketed as Kona coffee. To be considered authentic Kona coffee Hawaiian state labeling laws require the prominent display of the words (100% Kona Coffee) or if it is a blend must be at-least the required 10% Kona Coffee content and labeled as such. 


Why is Kona Coffee a World class coffee

 The Kona coffee belt is situated on the slopes of 2 volcanoes, Hualalai and Mauna Loa. The growing belt is approximately 1 mile wide and 30 miles long in rich fertile volcanic tropical soil ranging in altitude from 500 feet to 3000 feet. The moderate altitude generates cooler nights which in turn ripens the coffee cherry slower. With the slower ripening of the kona coffee bean it generates a larger bean that translates into a extraordinary coffee with rich full flavor and aroma. 


Unlike most of Hawaii, the kona coffee belt receives its sunshine in the morning followed with afternoon cloud cover from higher altitudes which brings the much needed rains and cooler temperatures. To much sunlight and heat can burn the trees and coffee cherries degrading the flavor, unlike other vegetation coffee trees only need the morning sun to grow strong.


Kona Coffee beans are hand picked coffee cherries and not mechanically harvested eliminating over ripe or unripe berries. Picking perfectly ripe cherries is the only way to guarantee the world renowned coffee obtains the full rich flavor and fresh aroma it is known for. If a coffee cherry is picked to soon it will lack the optimal sugar level and over ripe cherries will have a decline in sugar levels resulting in coffee lacking in full body flavor. Kona coffee pickers will revisit coffee trees several times a season to pick just the optimal berries for Kona Coffee.


When you drink a cup of Kona Coffee you are enjoying an exclusive full rich flavor that is from only 1% of all the coffee in the world.  


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