Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Specifications 

Tesla's long term goal was to always manufacture its own batteries. In late 2020 researchers announced a major breakthrough with the tabless 4680 batteries which is a upgrade from the tradition ion power cells. The energy efficient battery cell will give electric cars 16% more range and reduced the cost of Tesla EVs considerably. The new battery technology is allowing electric vehicle ranges to increase to 400 miles or more between charges.

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Tesla 4680 battery cell

The battery is one of most critical components in a electric vehicle and it determines how far you can drive before you need to stop for a charge. Apart from providing energy for the EV the battery determines price, vehicle weight as it could be 1/3 of the vehicle weight and if the battery is poor quality is can be a major safety issue and massive recalls such as what happened with the Chevy Bolt EV. With charging infrastructure still in its infancy the battery can make or break a electric vehicle. This is why Tesla has spent a lot of money and human resources on the development of its 4860 battery and now has the most extended ranges in the EV industry.


More affordable 4680 battery cell results in more affordable Electric vehicles.

The EV market is growing but the EV market is not accessible to all. Tesla has has a creative engineering plan that takes every facet of what makes a battery pack to halve the cost per kw hour. In recent year the battery pack cylinder size that Tesla has used in its EVs has increased the battery cell size from the 1865 to the 2170 which brought 50% more energy into the cell and now Tesla has designed the 4680 battery cell jumbo pack. Compared to lithium ion battery cells, the production of the 4680 cell reduces the manufacturing carbon footprint and energy used to 10% by removing many unnecessary steps. Tesla tabless 4680 battery cell, 5x more energy, 16% more range, 6x more power compared to the 2170 battery

Bigger cylindrical cost less to produce but there are problems when you make cells bigger. Super charging and thermos in general become challenging as you make bigger cells. Tesla engineering came up with a tabless 4680 battery cell that removes the thermo problem and simplifies the manufacturing process with fewer parts, 5 times reduction in electrical path resulting in more thermo performance benefits. The distance the battery electron has to travel is much less in the bigger cell giving the cell more power than smaller cylindrical cells. The new battery technology is allowing Tesla EVs to increase their range by 16%, going 400 miles or more on a single charge. The tab-less design of the battery cells speeds up manufacturing because the assembly line dose not have to stop to insert tabs further reducing the production cost of the 4680 battery cell. Removing the tab also reduces a source of manufactory defect as there is no need to weld components together.


Elimination of cobalt in the Tesla 4680 battery cell

The Dominican Republic of Congo is the worlds largest producer of cobalt. It might become extremely difficult to secure a sustainable source of toxic cobalt as the Republic's government is unstable and prices of cobalt have become destabilized. This would further put a strain on prices of electric vehicles and consumer products. Ditching cobalt in favor of a nickel cathode also improves the cost of the 4680 battery cell by 15% on cost per kilowatt hour bases. Designing and manufacturing cathodes for the 4680 battery cell from the ground up also gives Tesla a head start in building its own battery recycling system.


Tesla currently produces more batteries in terms of kilowatt hours than all other car marker combined. The production of low cost batteries designed to last a million miles of use will undoubtedly let Tesla electric vehicles to be sold for less money. This will allow Tesla to maintain its lead in the electric vehicle market. Several of Tesla electric vehicles that will benefit the 4680 battery cell are the model Y, the Cyber Truck, the new generation Roadster, and the electric Tesla semi.


The new Tesla 4680 battery cell improves electric vehicle range putting Tesla ahead of all its competitors.

To achieve the transition to sustainable energy, we must produce more affordable EVs and energy storage. Tesla is a world leader and intends to play a major role in electric energy generation, storage and electric vehicles.

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