Tesla Model X First SUV to Receive a Perfect Crash Test Rating

Unlike most SUVs that tend to rollover, the Tesla Model X continues to return to a upright position. The Tesla Model X is the first SUV to receive a perfect cash test rating.

Tesla Model X First SUV to Receive a Perfect Crash Test Rating

Tesla Model X Range 536km (epa estimate) 0-100km/h 2.6 sec 1/4 mile 9.9sec peak power 1020hp


Tesla Model X safety features

It is not uncommon for SUVs to be generally safer than the standard full size sedan. However there tends to be a big short coming in rollovers accidents. SUVs have a high center of gravity causing them to rollover when sudden maneuvers are required or from a side impact. Serious injury or death can be a result from partial or full ejection of passengers from the vehicle. In 2016 rollovers happened in 1 percent of serious cashes of passenger vehicles but accounted for 33 percent of collision related deaths.

Tesla Model X Safety Test

In the last few decade automobile manufactures have been able to reduce the frequency of vehicle rollovers with technology and more stable designs. However when a serious impact occurs a higher center of gravity increases the chance of a car rolling over. The only organization that test for rollover resistance is the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They also test frontal crashes and side impacts. After each test they measure readings from the test dummies to determine the injuries a real person is likely to sustain. This data is used to determine a overall vehicle safety rating in frontal crashes, side impacts and rollovers. The Tesla Model S Plaid also has a excellent crash test rating.  

Tesla Model X SUV Built for safety

Every Tesla Model X includes the latest safety technology such as collision avoidance systems and automatic emergency braking but what sets the Tesla model X apart from other SUVs is its design. Located in the floor of Tesla EVs is the large ridged battery pack which gives Tesla EVs a much lower center of gravity than the average SUV. In a collision that would normally cause the vehicle to rollover, the lower center of gravity keeps Tesla SUVs upright. Rollovers are just one aspect of the safety test. As Tesla SUVs are electric vehicles, there is no need for engine components in the hood of the car which gives the EVs a much larger crumple zone which absorbs energy in the event of a frontal crash. Tesla EVs also have specially made side sills and patented pillars that absorb energy from side impacts which gives the side airbags time to deploy and increases the protection for passengers.

Tesla Model X Designed for Efficiency

With a drag coefficient of 0.24, the lowest of any SUV, the Model X is build for speed and range. Refined aerodynamics on the exterior, help the range of the SUV with better ride comfort and handling.

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